My Blogging Secrets: Review

AmberForever is not the kind of blog I would normally follow but I can easily recognise the professionalism of what she does and therefore respect her advice.

And this book has some really great advice in it!

It’s geared towards bloggers who want to monetise but the first few chapters are all about making your blog good and serve as general blogging advice that anyone can follow.

The style of the book is direct and honest and reads like a pep talk. This is a million miles away from some of the “get rich blogging” nonsense that unfortunately floods the market and is an honest attempt by an experienced blogger to share some of what she has learnt.

I enjoyed reading some of the autobiographical details as well, and who can’t identify with going through at least one period in their life of hating their day job? (It is Amber’s theory that hating your job is one of the strongest motivators towards blogging for potential profit.)

One of the things I needed a reminder on was taking good photos. When I started out, I wanted to make sure that all my photos were original, but keeping to that has sometimes meant the odd lacklustre attempts just to throw something together to illustrate a post. Following her advice, I went through when the natural lighting was good and updated some of my worst photos. The following is a case in point…




Minimalist running shoes

This may seem like pretty obvious advice but it helps to be reminded by someone who writes so well, and really gets the point across.

I also learnt a few SEO tips such as being sure to add “alt texts” to all my pictures to make it easier for Google to index the images.

But I won’t give away everything that’s in the book; if you want something non-sensationalist and aimed at the newer blogger, you could do a lot worse than getting a copy.