Injury Avoidance

I feel spectacularly under-qualified to talk about this subject. I have never been injured. (Yes, I’m touching wood as I write this.) Nor have I ever really done much to prevent injury, apart from making sure that I increase my mileage gradually. But today the gym was really quiet so I thought I would take […]

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My Running Playlist

I have been using the same shitty headphones for a long time (see above). Sorry Sony, I know you’re meant to be good, but this is a loser-product, barely audible at times and frequently cutting out in one ear. I don’t know why it took me so long to replace them but I am guessing […]

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Farnham Runners 5k and 10k

Saturday 23rd September: My life lately has been both busy and stressful, with most of my stress coming from being on the wrong end of the UK housing rental market (the tenant’s end). But the less said about that, the better. The point is that I haven’t been very well organised and have been putting […]

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The Farnham Pilgrim

Whilst I was thinking about possibly signing up for a 10k, maybe when the wind blows in the right direction, my Running Buddy has completed another marathon. Despite my lack of support on the day, he has kindly agreed to answer my questions about the event:   I know you have fond memories of this […]

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Race Day Motivation

Recently I said in a post that I needed to sign up to an event in order to re-focus my training. It makes you feel that you are working towards something, and a little bit of competition goes a long way, even if it’s only competition against yourself. Finally, weeks later, I have taken my […]

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