Minimalist running shoes

Minimalist Shoes – first outing

Two posts back, I spoke about my new minimalist running shoes. That was in early December.

Then work got busy, Christmas and New Year’s happened, and I sunk back into the ease of existing routines, which means using my old, comfortable, shoes.

My first run of this year caked my normal shoes in mud, however, and I needed to pack something respectable for the gym in a hurry, so I saw it as an opportunity to grab the “barefoot” trainers.

I warmed up on the cross trainer (elliptical machine) where I thought my footwear wouldn’t make a difference because I wasn’t actually striking the ground. (Ten minutes, burning just over a hundred calories, according to the display.)

And then I moved to the treadmill.

Article after article has warned me about the perils of trying to do too much, too soon, so I kept it to strictly ten minutes. But I certainly noticed a difference in that short time. You really do feel every heel strike more keenly, and long dormant muscle groups really do start to wake up as you adjust. I did a few minutes at a fast walking pace, then some more at a gentle jog, then back to power walking.

After ten minutes, I stuck to my commitment to take it easy and switched to the bike.

I think it might be too early to say what effect this will have on my training but so far so good, even if it does feel strange to jog in them.

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I love running, but don't always train in the way that I should. I started my blog in between my first successful completion of a marathon (although I wrote the first post a few days prior to that) and my first ultra marathon, which was the first half of the 100k "Race to the Stones". Maybe part of my reason was to publicly call myself out on my own stated goals. I chose the name "half arsed runner" because I wanted to show that my motivation levels are far from perfect, and that it's OK to be human.

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