My top five running tees

#1 & #2

Reading Half Marathon technical tee and finisher’s tee

Signing up for this race really made me get serious about running (well, as serious as someone calling themself The Half Arsed Runner can get anyway). The distance was daunting but I had so much encouragement to enter from my Running Buddy. He wasn’t wrong either. It was a great race!


Parkrun tee

Park run is a great thing, fully in-keeping with the ethos of this blog: laid-back, encouraging, open to all and free. It takes place up and down the UK and is a weekly chip-timed 5k run every Saturday.

I bought the tee to support the event.



The South Downs Marathon finisher’s tee

You can read the story behind this one here. This was the glorious failure that made me start the blog.


Zombies, Run! app merchandise 

There could only really be one number five.

Yes, I bought the T-shirt. What of it?? Nerdy and proud!


Honourable mention: the photo that accompanies this post – my bro bought this blood soaked wonder for me along with my Zombies, Run! race 

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I love running, but don't always train in the way that I should. I started my blog in between my first successful completion of a marathon (although I wrote the first post a few days prior to that) and my first ultra marathon, which was the first half of the 100k "Race to the Stones". Maybe part of my reason was to publicly call myself out on my own stated goals. I chose the name "half arsed runner" because I wanted to show that my motivation levels are far from perfect, and that it's OK to be human.

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