Most Active Blog Award

I have received a nomination for the Most Active Blog Award. I can’t say I post all that often and have dropped out of the picture for a while at least once (except for using the reader). I guess my blog is active in the sense that it’s about running, but I think that’s cheating!

Anyway, I am thankful for my nomination, which came from Sage, who is a new blogger with an unusual concept. She writes about…well, life, essentially. I won’t say too much except that you can find her blog here.

My nominees are:

  1. Plz do life – a personal weight loss journey and posts about the ketogenic diet, including recipe suggestions
  2. Love Yourself – this blog is full of positivity
  3. Lost in between worlds – part time management, part weird alien artwork, part…well, just about anything goes on this blog
  4. And I say follow your heart – this blog only has a few posts so far but the latest one is quite powerful
  5. Why Yoga – no prizes for guessing what this blog is about

To my nominees, these are the rules:

  • Create a new post saying that you’ve been nominated by me, including a link to my blog.
  • Nominate other bloggers and let the cycle continue.

Also, you could check out New Blogista and That Girl4Ever who came up with the award.

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I love running, but don't always train in the way that I should. I started my blog in between my first successful completion of a marathon (although I wrote the first post a few days prior to that) and my first ultra marathon, which was the first half of the 100k "Race to the Stones". Maybe part of my reason was to publicly call myself out on my own stated goals. I chose the name "half arsed runner" because I wanted to show that my motivation levels are far from perfect, and that it's OK to be human.

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