Most Active Blog Award

I have received a nomination for the Most Active Blog Award. I can’t say I post all that often and have dropped out of the picture for a while at least once (except for using the reader). I guess my blog is active in the sense that it’s about running, but I think that’s cheating!

Anyway, I am thankful for my nomination, which came from Sage, who is a new blogger with an unusual concept. She writes about…well, life, essentially. I won’t say too much except that you can find her blog here.

My nominees are:

  1. Plz do life – a personal weight loss journey and posts about the ketogenic diet, including recipe suggestions
  2. Love Yourself – this blog is full of positivity
  3. Lost in between worlds – part time management, part weird alien artwork, part…well, just about anything goes on this blog
  4. And I say follow your heart – this blog only has a few posts so far but the latest one is quite powerful
  5. Why Yoga – no prizes for guessing what this blog is about

To my nominees, these are the rules:

  • Create a new post saying that you’ve been nominated by me, including a link to my blog.
  • Nominate other bloggers and let the cycle continue.

Also, you could check out New Blogista and That Girl4Ever who came up with the award.

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