A shambolic shuffle to the finish line

I am not a professional runner, or an elite runner. I am not well-defined and I still carry excess body fat. I often skip the warm-up and the stretch down, and I don’t own any kind of new-fangled watch that tracks my progress.

But I do love running. I love getting out into the world and sweating it out out to my tunes. (In fact, the photo at the top of this blog was taken on an early morning run.)

The first post I wrote for this blog was an attempt to share learning points that came when I dropped out of my first marathon attempt. I think it is important to share failures as well as successes; otherwise it would be easy to think that everyone else out there was getting it right apart from you. And that just isn’t true.

There are lots of places on the web where we can see carefully cultivated versions of other people’s seemingly perfect fitness pursuits. This blog isn’t about that.

This is a (hopefully) honest appraisal of getting it wrong, being under prepared, following bad advice (not following good advice), failing despite the best of intentions and efforts, and sometimes just plain half-arsing it because life is busy and race day crept up on us.

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I love running, but don't always train in the way that I should. I started my blog in between my first successful completion of a marathon (although I wrote the first post a few days prior to that) and my first ultra marathon, which was the first half of the 100k "Race to the Stones". Maybe part of my reason was to publicly call myself out on my own stated goals. I chose the name "half arsed runner" because I wanted to show that my motivation levels are far from perfect, and that it's OK to be human.

3 thoughts on “A shambolic shuffle to the finish line”

  1. Hi there, nice to meet you! I came across your blog through ‘First Friday’ and I’m really glad. I too have been thinking about stretching my muscles for years now. Also I find your blog inspiring and I appreciate your realistic perspective.

    Looking forward to read more of your posts.

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  2. I am enjoying your blog! And I like what you wrote about the successes and ‘fails’. I try to learn something from each race I run, and recently my race reports, have been, well, records of chaotic, and challenging learning experiences.
    The real blogs are the good ones in my opinion! : )

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  3. Thank you – I appreciate it! I think the challenging races have helped to bring me to a more positive attitude overall. I’m at a point now where I want to get back to basics so that I can do some things properly that I didn’t do first time around.

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