The Farnham Pilgrim

Whilst I was thinking about possibly signing up for a 10k, maybe when the wind blows in the right direction, my Running Buddy has completed another marathon. Despite my lack of support on the day, he has kindly agreed to answer my questions about the event:   I know you have fond memories of this […]

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Race Day Motivation

Recently I said in a post that I needed to sign up to an event in order to re-focus my training. It makes you feel that you are working towards something, and a little bit of competition goes a long way, even if it’s only competition against yourself. Finally, weeks later, I have taken my […]

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Treadmill Running

Today’s gym session can be summarised in the picture above: I just stayed on the treadmill the whole time. I warmed up first, walking at speed for one kilometre, and then I restarted the machine so that I could get an accurate time for a 10k distance. I have said it before: I don’t like […]

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Monday Workout Tip

Everything was going so well. I had recovered a really bad day, feeling ridiculously tired at work but trying to concentrate anyway, trying to make sense out of all the usual corporate nonsense, trying to nail down some nebulous middle-management concept and turn it into a “process map”. A bad day. But I went to […]

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Five random thoughts on blogging

Here are five random thoughts on blogging, and WordPress, in no particular order: I have learned three new words today from reading blogs and comments. They are: sojourn, bellicose and oneirology. (The last one is so obscure that the spell-check is picking up on it as I write.) Some perspectives that I have on things, […]

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The week in review

So, it looks as if I’m getting back on my exercise at a leisurely pace, with two shorter runs last week and two gym sessions this week. I’m not crazy about gyms in general to be honest. They always seem to be a massive faff! Even the nice ones have over-crowded changing rooms where I […]

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