My top five running tees

#1 & #2 Reading Half Marathon technical tee and finisher’s tee Signing up for this race really made me get serious about running (well, as serious as someone calling themself The Half Arsed Runner can get anyway). The distance was daunting but I had so much encouragement to enter from my Running Buddy. He wasn’t […]

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A Halloween Fun Run

A while back, I set myself the challenge of running 100k by the end of October (not all in one go). The project is called Running Down Dementia. The idea is to raise £100 for Alzheimer’s research and run 100k. Anyway, I got complacent and just a little bit lazy about tracking all my mileage, […]

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Running as a release

This is a response to today’s word prompt: gratitude By shuffling my way through lots of miles, over a period of a couple of years, I have gotten myself to the point where I can comfortably run a 5k or a 10k and find it a joy instead of a chore. It still takes effort […]

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Some gym reviews 

Over the years, I have been a member of several gyms. Here are reviews of three of them, which belong to chains with a large presence in the UK. The Gym Group This is one of the major budget chains currently operating in the UK. Currently monthly membership costs £15.99 a month but I have […]

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Injury Avoidance

I feel spectacularly under-qualified to talk about this subject. I have never been injured. (Yes, I’m touching wood as I write this.) Nor have I ever really done much to prevent injury, apart from making sure that I increase my mileage gradually. But today the gym was really quiet so I thought I would take […]

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